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How do I meet with an Attorney to Discuss my Case?

Meeting with an attorney is easy: fill out the web form below, send a direct email, or call (702) 766-4336 to schedule an appointment. There is no charge for the consult and you will be meeting with an actual attorney to discuss your case, not a staff member. 

How much will I have to pay to Hire Accident Attorneys of SOuthern Nevada to represent me?

You will pay no money up-front and only pay us if we collect money for you on your behalf. 

Why Should I choose Accident Attorneys of Southern Nevada over other firms??

The #1 thing that sets us apart is the personal attention we give our clients. From day one, you meet with an attorney and not a staff member.

We are not a “mill”. We know every client personally. Your recovery is our success.

The insurance company wants to record a statement with me, should I?

No. Meet with an attorney prior to giving any statements to the insurance company.

Will you take my Case?

We cannot take every case and for that we apologize. During the initial consultation and case review the attorney will assess your case, give you feedback, and determine if it is the type of case suitable for Accident Attorneys of Southern Nevada. If so, and if it is a mutual fit, we will take your case and work side-by-side with you to maximize your recovery.  

I am currently in the hospital and unable to come into the office. Can an attorney come to me?

Most likely, yes. Just call our office and explain your situation and if it is the type of case we handle, we can arrange for an attorney to come to you. We recognize that many of our clients are dealing with recovering from their injuries and have physical limitations. 

What determines how much my case is worth?

Many, many things. First, how much money is available from the defendant & their insurance company often dictates maximum recovery. 

Factors that affect the value of a case are pain & suffering, medical bills, physical therapy needs, whether there is any permanent disability or loss of function, lost wages, etc. 

Almost as important as the above is how your claim is presented. Having an attorney experienced in personal injury helps you get more.